Monday, September 23, 2013

In the Land of Odd....

In the faraway Land of Odd....

It makes perfect sense to barge into the bathroom to monitor Mommy's toilet paper usage and then offer to help her wipe.

It makes total sense to use brother as a Kleenex.

It makes total sense to use Mommy as a Kleenex.

It makes total sense to barrel into the bedroom while Daddy is getting dressed, yell "nakey buns", smack him in the behind, and then run out again.

It makes total sense to roll play your demons out in the back seat, complete with sound effects and hand flailing.

It makes perfect sense to lay at the bottom of the slide, head facing the top, so that brother can slide down and play "Bocce-Noggins" with you.... repeatedly.

It makes total sense to discuss your underwear choice with the checkout lady at the grocery store... and then let it slip that we "had to throw some Spiderman underwear in da trash because mah weiner was pokin' out!".

It makes total sense to poke yourself in the eye with a fork when asked to take another bite of dinner.

It makes total sense to breakdance anywhere at anytime, all the time.

It makes total sense to do a naked Haka after every bath.  Every.  Bath.

It makes total sense (AND ensures your survival) when you can go from screaming heathen beast to snuggle-angel in 2.8 nanoseconds.

All of this, and much much more... in the faraway Land of Odd.


  1. You know I have no words other than "Yup". Well that and "great title"; I live there too. And...thank you for linking up with The Sunday Parenting Party!

  2. Hi yoru post! You are my link up neighbour on the tell us Tuesday blog:) Come and check out my blog.

  3. Anything goes in my house! *sigh*

  4. oh my goodness I am rolling on the floor laughing. So much of this is soooo familiar. i'm featuring your post on the Sunday Parenting Party this weekend and pinning to the pinterest board. Thanks so much for making me smile, I needed that this evening.

  5. Never a dull moment with little kids! My nephew Squeak is only four months old and he's already mastered the art of using me as a Kleenex!

  6. At least you can't complain that life is boring. In fact, it's downright entertaining! Ever think of starring in a reality show?