Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm looking at you, Blue!

No "washable" marker,
Specifically Blue,
Has made me see red
Quite like you do.
It may be that "washable"
Means something else where you're made?
Something was lost in translation
And on my nerves you have stayed!
No Eraser that's Magic,
Nor cleanser with scrubbies
Has scraped you from walls
Or the skin of my babies.

And NOW...

It's really quite obvious...
Yes, everyone knows...
That poor little Sprinks
Has been picking her nose.
There is a stain down her face,
A Cerulean Letter,
Where you clung to her fingers.
But it gets even better
Because even her boogers
Are a bright shade of blue...
Because you aren't really "washable"
Like you say, now... are you?


  1. They LIE, those Crayola moguls! Have you tried the Mr. Clean magic erasers? They're not kidding about the magic. They are the best thing since Tide stain sticks.

    1. I LOVE Magic Erasers.... now why can't they make something like that to clean my children?

  2. uh oh sorry...I mean hope the magic eraser trick works...Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop .Sorry I am slow to comment. I look forward to seeing what you share this week. Big Hugs

  3. Busted! Oh well it'll wear off ;)
    Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

    1. True... it could be worse. It could be sharpie... :)

  4. So you're saying you're wearing "blue" for awards week? LOL! :-)

  5. Love it! When my son was three, he chewed on a "washable" blue pen and it was all over his mouth and lips and hands for days. Your poem rocks. And ditto to Sarah's comment about wearing blue for awards week! HA.

  6. LOL!! You rock at poetry too, sistah!!

  7. High praise from you, oh fantastic Ode-smith!

  8. Yes! Great sweet...thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!