Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Calling all Mommies!

Callin' all my Nashvegas (and the surrounding area) peeps!

Kate, Lydia and Guru Louise from Rants from Mommy Land have asked that we all band together and help Moms in need by participating in their Gift Card Exchange for Give It Up Mommyland...

or by sponsoring a local organization.  We need to do this!  Go to Rants From Mommy Land and read up folks because, apart form being soul shatteringly funny and true, these ladies have a great thing going here.

And for shame Tennessee.  When I contacted Rants, I was informed that I was the first from our great state to do so.  The Volunteer State?  Really?  Now, there is no Orange involved here but that doesn't mean we can't get excited about it! ;)

I suggest we sponsor The Renewal House.  If you have any other organizations you feel passionately about, please let me know!  Let's give back because I know it hasn't always been candy faeries and care bear farts for everyone, now has it?  And we all need a little help every now and then, now don't we?  The problem is,  that I CANNOT do this alone.  The Renewal House is awesome and wonderful and fights the good fight and could really use our help.  Don't have $$$$, well, how about some time?  Don't have time?  Well... we will figure something out.

Here is a list of all the wonderful ways we can help:
     1) Adopt-a-Family-provide holiday gifts for one of the many Renewal House families;
     2) Donate food and/or gift cards for holiday meals;
     3) Donate diapers and wipes for Renewal House children;
     4) Donate money to fund a fun holiday outing for Renewal House families; and
     5) Donate Christmas trees or other holiday decoration for the families' apartments.

So, lets schedule a get together at my house and make some Happy Christmas Sh*t happen!  Bring yer kids!  Bring yer Hubbs!  Hell, bring yer dogs (fenced in back yard)!   E-mail me at dontchewonthedinnertable@gmail.com if you are interested and lets get this party started!

P.S. - And.... just ignore all my previous posts about, well, everything.  My house will be clean and my children will be wearing clothes... hopefully.  *Ahem*


  1. Here I've been trying to get a post together on good causes because I can't do jack this year other than say hey here's where people with money can go donate! You beat me to it, lady! ;-) Mine is still in "draft" stage.

    If I lived near Tennessee, you bet your bippy that I'd come hang out at your house! Alas, I cannot. However, I understand they are working on making pee powered things. As soon as that happens, I'll be able to go travel in my pee powered car! YAHOO!