Monday, December 10, 2012

I'll take your old... but keep my new!

     I love holiday traditions.  The idea that, year after year, we do as the ones who came before us is a beautifully comforting and soul-strengthening one.  Baking, crafting… wearing lit candles on your head on purpose… it’s all fantastic.  My family of wigglers and wiggler wranglers are also having a great time creating our own little family traditions… like NOT climbing the Christmas tree.  *Ahem*   Out with the new and bring on the old, right?  Well… maybe.  Except I like technology… a lot.  And something that feels so right just can’t be wrong… yeah?  Take, for instance, the Santa Tracker on AT&T U-verse.  Whoa!  A reindeer cam?  Sass’s mind has been blown in the cutest of ways.  And this got me thinking about other things I might not be willing to do the “antique way”… which led to ….

The “Pass The Microchips, Please” List
(or “Things that are better now” List)
            OMG!  I love my Amazon app.  No more will I have to trudge to an actual store, rub elbows with real people, or stand in a gawdawful real line.  Whoot!  Now I have time to do the important things… like make more fudge.  No worries!  Amazon has lots of stretchy yoga pants, ready and available for perusal and purchase!

     Checking Out Library Books
            Now, I like taking Sass to the library to check out his books (mostly the same Batman over, and over, and over…) but I had a disturbing realization a couple of days ago while reading my e-copy of Shades of Grey (yes, I caved,  just like with the first Twilight movie.  Still trying to scrub the sparkly vampire crap out of my brain…).   Yes… it was a very disturbing realization.  If this was a regular book I checked out, then other people would have touched it.  Wait?!?!  How many other people and who…?  And you know where I’m going with this don’t you?  Yeah…. Ew. 

      Finding Recipes
             Ready for something McCall’s can’t offer?  You know, like, food that isn’t exclusively cooked by white Mid-westerners  (No offense guys… I love my meat and potatoes, too. You should see what I can do with a kielbasa… oh… wait…..)  Just google!  Gone are the dark ages of “Well, maybe if I just throw it all into the same dish, sprinkle bread crumbs on top, and call it a casserole no one will notice it’s actually crap from last week.”.  I can say I finally know what tabbouleh  is… AND how to make it… AND that I love it!  *Squeal*  But not how to get my kids to eat it…  *poo*

     Mr. Fix-It
           Duct tape does NOT, in fact, fix everything…. But now we can search to see what actually might fix it.  No more jerry-rigged faucets or projects left undone for months!   Does hearing “Well, wait.  Let me see what I can do with it.” make anyone else feel all stabby?  “Oh look, honey.  See how complicated this fix is in the step-by-step, expert plumber level tutorial?  Yeah… I think we should get a professional too…”  *contented sigh*   There are two problems solved…  ;)

     So yeah, let’s make to cookies and sing our songs and do whatever the mother country is doing… but leave me my wi-fi and my e-books and my instantshoppinggratification app.   Like antibiotics and hand sanitizer, not all change is evil.  Now where is my candle hat?

My people are awesome 'cause adolescent girls, 
cotton robes, long hair, and candles
 is a combo that is ALWAYS going to end well...


  1. I love this list. People are always doggin' on technology...but I think they're called marvels of modern science and innovation for a reason! Was there actually life before Google? Also, life before the navigational system in my car/phone wasn't really worth living. I am directionally-challenged and in an eternal state of "lost". Everyone just needs to lay off WebMD. That one is just not the same as the real deal ;)

    1. I was totally going to put my GPS on here and forgot! I can't LIVE without mine, either!
      Was anyone really LIVING before Google? No, I don't think so...

  2. Are you Swedish? Whenever there is a self check out or anything that doesn't involve human interaction my husband is all for it. But yes- crazy how in just a few years technology has become in every part of our lives.

    1. Worse... I'm Norwegian... ewwww!

      Rats! I forgot the self-checkout! I love those things (except at Wal-mart.)

  3. The first thing I saw here was the candle-hat photo and your caption...I laughed...hard. :)

  4. Synnove, this is so funny! And you are so right on! I have been skeezed out by thinking about what people do with library books too. Bring on the technology...and LOVE the candle hat ;)

    1. Now I am all like "Well, crap... what have I touched BEFORE I had this realization?"

  5. Replies
    1. Oh... it's on there. I love how it spins and tells me what to cook!