Thursday, December 6, 2012

It will all be over soon, Teddy....

Hello all!

Don't forget, all my local yokels...  Do this!  Do this now!  It is a guaranteed warm fuzzies with a side of mulled soul re-energizing  goodness.

The tree is up, the lights are on, and Teddy, I'm sorry... but you need to take one for the team.

I have LOTS of breakable ornaments.  Why?  Because I like to live on the edge... and I'm stupid.  Glass, carved wood, and even a sand dollar with a delicately painted scene of a horse and carriage from the Charleston Market. .. my tree is COVERED in everything that stirs my Sprinkles heart to Destruction Level 4.  (There is a 5 but that involves the potty...)   Hand-blown glass Santa... "I wonder how this will taste?" *crunch, crunch, crunch*  Instant ER trip.  Cloisonne Hummingbird?  "Let me get a closer look at that beak while running!" And OOOPS!  Yay!  Stitches for Christmas.  But "Fuzzy little stuffed Teddy Bear ornaments (I have 3)  hung enticingly low and unsecured on the bottom most branches?  Why yes... how about a cuddle and a gooey mauling...."  Poor bears. Poor, poor bears.

Time for Operation Take It Teddy.  I know this may not have been what you signed up for guys, but you are providing an invaluable service to Tree and Toddler.  It is all for the Greater Ornamental Good, so let's tighten your belts (and your little string loops!) and trudge on!  Hang On and Stay Calm.  It will all be over soon.

You might want to turn your head, Santa.  
This is going to get ugly....


  1. Hilarious...again!!!! I actually committed to an all-fabric/unbreakable Christmas Tree this year. It's way too Holly Hobby-looking for my liking, but I know my human tornado too well...I was not ready to sacrifice some of my "pretties" or sentimental ornaments to Peanut the Destructor this year ;)

    1. See... you are so much smarter than I am. This is a GREAT IDEA! Why do they always break the ones we love the most?

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  3. Ha! Love it. I'm almost-not-quite a mom (due in April) but my friend's 11-month-old broke two of my ornaments in 30 minutes the other night. Looks like I'll have to covert to plastic!

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