Thursday, May 30, 2013

Short and not-so-sweet...

     To set the scene, I am in the kitchen.  Sprinkles has stumbled on a toy in the other room and done something unimaginably terrible and imaginary to her toe.  She is also crying hysterically.  Seriously, this girl has a future on the stage... or as a trophy wife.  She can drop tears like a tree drops leaves in the fall.

Sass:  "I'll help her Mommy!" *he leaps up and scampers out of the kitchen*
Me:  "That would be nice, sweetie."  *Can't you hear the concern for my injured and overly-dramatic child?*
- overheard from the other room-
Sass:  "Did you hurt your foot?"
Sprinks:  "Uh huh."  *her answer to everything these days*
Sass:  "You want me to kiss it?"
Sprinks:  "Uh huh." *sniffle*
-the sound of velcro ripping as he peels off her sandal-
Sass:  "Ug, no!  Stinky foot!  Mooooom!  Her feet smell BAD!  I can't kiss dem!"
Sprinks: *high pitched, maniacal giggling*

Welcome to my world, little man....