Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WW: A Saturday Renaissance

Laird Sass Monkey of Clan Spiderman, Champion of the battle of Bubbles at Bathwater and Terror of the Black Lab.  It is said that he once charged into battle stark naked and screaming like a heathen beast which so terrified the approaching army that they all turned tail and ran, never to be seen again.  Most were probably lost in the mire of the misty moors or eaten by pookas.  Or Sprinkles Fairies.

A rare and wondrous Sprinkles Fairy.  To see one means there is a loaded diaper in your future.  Oh, and luck (because fairies are lucky, right?).  To draw this sweet creature of the fey into your home, place a cup of milk and a plate of cheese crackers on your doorstep overnight.  But beware... they are known to be prone to bouts of ill humor and rage.  Stories abound of hearths and homes ruined by a Sprinkles Fairy who feels they have been slighted.

Oh.... How we do love a Renn Faire.


  1. I love the Spiderman shirt too!

    1. He refused to go shirtless. He was afraid people would see him "naked". It was the first time he has ever really cared...