Thursday, May 2, 2013

A mother/son moment for the books.... but not the Baby Book.

     Sass and I bonded yesterday.  It was a real "mother/son moment" fit for a Hallmark Card super-imposed over a picture of some soppy-eyed baby playing with white doves.

     Daddy is out of town, you see, so we are down a pair of hands (among other things).  The breakfast rush was over and the 1st attempt of the morning to clothe their shameless nakedness was coming to a close.  I was sitting on the stairs looking for one of Sprinkles shoes that had mysteriously disappeared (those damn sock stealing gnomes have gotten uppity and moved on to bigger quarry) with Sass standing off to one side catching the end of his morning cartoons.

"Well..." I said and stopped because what was coming next was not suitable for younger viewers.
"Crap, Mommy?" Sass chimed in.

I looked up, a bit surprised.  At about the same moment, Sass realized his mistake and started to look a little nervous.

I sighed.

"Yep, buddy.  That sounds about right.  Nice usage and understanding of connotation."  He looked relieved. "But remember... your teachers really wouldn't like you to use that word.  Oh, and don't say it in front of Daddy.  Then we'll both get in trouble."  He nodded seriously and turned back to Jake and The Neverland Pirates.

Maybe I'm too lax.
Maybe I'm just tired.
Maybe it was relief that he hadn't used any number of overheard choice phrases.
Or maybe I saw the understanding in his eyes that "crap" was not the best choice of words and was satisfied with that.
Also.... the fact that he used it so correctly is totally my fault.... aaaand makes me a little proud. Tee-hee.


  1. My son has overheard a multitude of cuss words mainly because they spew out of my mouth without realizing it when I hurt myself. I'm a clutz always stubbing my toes or tripping over stuff. I really need to control my potty mouth more. But hey, you I think its good you didn't totally unload on him, sometimes things just need a warning. I love that you told him "not to tell daddy". Cute!

    Anway, new follower on BlogLovin from the Thumping Thursday Hop.I would love for you to stop by sometime.

    Have a great day!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  2. LOL - nah - choose your battles, and it sounds like that wasn't one worth having :-D

    My Imperfect...

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  5. I'm always relieved when crap is the word my kids say instead of something way worse. I don't sweat the words much. I am a new follower via the TGIF Blog Hop. Hope you have a great day!
    Jessie @
    Then I Laughed

  6. I found your blog on the TGIF blog hop and just started following on google friend connect. This story is the reason I don't have kids. Because if I did they would probably know the correct way to use words far worse than "crap."

    Ashley @

  7. DEFINITELY points for correct usage of the word. Bonus points if he can conjugate it.

  8. I totally don't care about my sons using four-letter words in front of me; just same policy as yours..."don't use it in front of other grownups or we'll both get into trouble!!"

    1. I know... nothing is worse than MOMMY being in the dog house....

  9. I am SO with you and Roshni on this one! It's just way too cute sounding out of their little mouths to be actually offensive ;)

  10. I learned all my choice curse words from helping my dad fix the cars. Ah, memories.

    1. I feel ya. I actually thought one of our horses was names SOB until I was 6.