Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She. Her. Sister. That child....

SHE is my messy child.

SHE is my diaper-diving, dirt-eating, mess-making wunderkind.  No puddle is too deep.  No poop shall go unmolested.  No food shall remain unsmeared.  

Brother is our clean one.  He doesn't like sticky hands or face and I never once found him spelunking in his diaper or playing in the toilet.  Just this morning, Hubbs caught Sprinkles elbow deep in the crapper with a water cup.  The jury is out on whether or not she actually drank any H2-NO!  Hubbs would like to remain blissfully ignorant while my vote is yes, she did.  Luckily it was freshly flushed... this time.

Brother has always treated food as food.  You know, a substance that is supposed to make it in or near the mouth.  Sprinkles sees it more as an artistic medium to get stuck in her ears and inbetween her toes.

Bubba is not a fan of mud while Sissy applies it liberally to all surfaces... hers and yours.

Sass Monkey's super powers are speed, agility, and unstoppable speech.  Sprinkles' are brute force, fashion sense, and unholy mess.

I wonder what a third will bring?  And... will putting all three together create a time and space sucking vortex of doom?  

Only time will tell....