Monday, July 1, 2013

No really... how did this all happen?

     As we prepare for arrival of our third (AND FINAL!) child I often stop and wonder... well... how did this all happen?  Don't get me wrong, I know HOW this happened (yeah!) I just sometimes have moments where I am floored by all the havoc wreaked changes to our lives in the last 4 or 5 years.  I mean, life gets boring when you get old, right?  Heheheheheeee.  Shows what you know, silly teenage me.  :)

But... how DID this all happen?  How did it start?  Who are we?  Where are my car keys?


Well... it all started on Halloween Night of 2001 in a frat house...

     Romantic, no?  *snort*  Me and the girls got all dressed up (I was probably some version of a scantily clad fairy/lady bug in calf-length leather high-heeled boots covered in sparkly eye shadow.  Remember that stuff?) and headed down to a Halloween Party at our favorite free-beer haunt.  I will spare you the gory details of what a house full of 18-25 year olds looks like during a party involving kegs, costumes, and pulsating hormones.  Lets just leave it at "Somebody get a pressure washer and a Hazmat Suit!".  Gawd, we had fun...

Anyway, I digress...

     As the ladies and I were making our rounds, red solo cups in hand, this blurry blue ball of energy came hurtling down the stairs in front of us.  When it paused at the bottom we realised it wasn't a blue ball of energy at all!  It was a handsome young man, vodka-pink high in his cheeks, wearing a blue tee-shirt with... cotton balls glued to the front of it?  And why was he carrying around a water gun?  It was too much, I just had to ask what his costume was all about.

"I'm partly cloudy with a chance of rain... except this isn't water." he grinned, obviously incredibly pleased with himself.  He then aimed the gun at his mouth and squirted the clear not-water a couple of times.  We all laughed and he raced off to complete whatever mission he was on originally.

     Now... I didn't think to myself  "I'm gonna marry that man." because I was only 20 years old totally old enough to drink at the time, but he had definitely piqued my interest.  It was a plus he was all soccer-boy hair, green eyes, and testosterone (Oh, and it turned out he was smart too!).  Because of mutual friends, we ended hanging out all that summer and then into fall.... and then he finally split with the girlfriend he'd had since he was sixteen and I got my chance.

The rest is history, fate, and pure dumb luck....  :)

My poor eye-lids circa 2000-2001.
So... no early relationship pics to share as they are none of them digital (because we are old).  Or full of well-dressed sober people...  SO instead I thought I'd share a pic of what I hoped was the long gone glitter eye creams we used allthedamntime "back in the day"...  I found this pic labeled "Prom Make-Up".  Really?  REALLY?  Prom Make-Up?  When did "worn out stripper" become "coming of age" couture?  Wait... I just answered my own question....  Nevermind.

*Little tip for you girls...  this sh*t sticks to EVERYTHING!  You, your boyfriend, the guy you danced with while your boyfriend was in the bathroom.... just sayin'.  Watch yerself...


  1. How are you planning to edit this story when your kids someday ask how you met? I'd get to work on that soon.... :)

  2. Hahahah!! I'm loving your post AND Dyanne's comment!