Thursday, June 27, 2013

And now all has been revealed!

Our currently equal testosterone/estrogen ratio is about to skew... in favor of estrogen!  That's right!  Bun #3 is a girl!  The Hubbs and I are very excited and also a bit in shock.  We were convinced it was a boy... but it's not so that means more pretty, sparkly girl clothes are in my future.  Yay!


Bur poor Sass Monkey.  We will need to stop by the grocery store for some "emotional support" cupcakes to liberally apply after we drop this bomb on him.  He was insistent we have a boy and that we name it "Gunman".  He was adamant about "No more sisters."  Tough breaks, buddy.  Here... let the buttercreme make it better.

But.... just maybe.... it's the universe looking out for me.  Because you see, last night, as a freshly bathed Sass Monkey ninja-style tea-bagged my woefully unprotected knee caps while laughing maniacally (knowing full well that Mommy was a sitting duck because she was very roundly stuck in a giant, leather bean bag chair) I thought to myself "Oh gawd.... what if it's another boy?"... and then "Ug... that is uncomfortably warm...".

*deeper sigh*

Just a thought.  Just a thought.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I might be biased, but girls are A LOT of fun. And the clothes. OMG, the clothes!!!! xo

    1. I know! Like, the second thing I said (other than "Yay! A girl!) was "More sparkles please!!!!!".

  2. Congratulations, the more girls the merrier. You can always name her Gunwoman, for Sass Monkey's sake.

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us at our Thursdays Favorite Things Hop.
    I'm also your newest Bloglovin' follower.
    Can't wait to read more..

  4. Congratulations!!!!! :)
    Love the buttercream idea.
    Guess it's worth a try. ;)

  5. Nice!!! Another cutie pie!! Congratulations!