Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Then and now... a boo-boo retrospective.

     Sprinkles took a dive this morning that ended up with a small cut on her eyebrow.  She cried for a minute, but then let me clean her up while she played with the boo-boo ice pack.  Some kisses from Daddy and Mommy and a band-aid and she was right as rain.
It's funny how becoming a parent changes you.  3 years ago, Hubbs and I might have reacted completely differently... but we know better now.  :)  Let me give you some examples.

Eating sidewalk chalk:
#1 - "No, no!  Don't do that!"  *Take all chalk away and do something else.*
#2 - "So which color tastes the best?  Pink?  Yeah... it looks like it."

Falling down:
#1 - "Are you okay?  Let's check for broken bones!  I need a band-aid and ice pack STAT!"
#2 - "Ooo... that was a good one.  Let me see...  yup... yer good.  No blood no foul."

Food that has fallen on the floor:
#1 - "No honey, don't eat that.  It's dirty.  Let Mommy clean that up."
#2 - "Hey Sprinks... you dropped some Cheerios.  Awwww.... Mommy's little Hoover."

Mud puddles:
#1 - "Wait honey.  Lets go change into "play clothes" before you get all muddy."
#2 - "If you are okay with getting the hose then I say go for it!"

Random acts of testing of mortality:
#1 - *long explanation of why he shouldn't do something*
#2 - "Did that hurt?  Well, we learned something today didn't we..."

Head bonk with bruising and/or minimal blood:
#1 - "OMG!  We need to get his head x-rayed!  Call the pediatrician and tell them we are on our way to the ER!"
#2 - "Your pupils look fine. Can I kiss it to make it better?  Once the bleeding stops we'll get on our way to school."

So basically the 3rd will be raised by wolves.

* For those of you who are like "But there was blood!" let me assure you...  she was acting normally, her pupils were fine, and the cut was on her brow ridge, the toughest part of the skull.  The cut was also too small for even one decent stitch.  It just bled like a sonofagun...*


  1. When the boy is goofing off and falls, I always him "What happened?" and he always replies, "I was actin' a fool and got hurt." We learned this lesson from America's Funniest Home Videos.

    1. I have got to teach that to Sass.... it's a perfect explanation of what usually happens!

  2. I love the way parenting evolves from start to finsh by kids number 4 we only run with there is smoke or blood lol love the post

  3. I think it's best I just seal off my womb now. This convinces me that any future children would have very little shot of survival.

  4. Hahahah! Sooo happy we found you through Postpartum Funny Lady's linkup! Loved this post. I laughed out loud! We're happy to share the giggles. Come find us at our place: www.scienceofparenthood.com.