Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A stroke of culinary.... genius?

     So... there was a crisis last night.  A Dessert Crisis!  You know the kind I mean.  Both kids practically licked their dinner plates clean and then I had nothing of chocolatey-value to offer them afterward.  Because chocolate is the only REAL dessert in our house... unless it's a Gummy-whatever.  Bad Super Pregnant Mommy, snarfing all the goodies!  Boo...

* In my defense, I didn't mean to.  The baby made me do it.  And I thought we had pudding... I can be wrong occasionally, you know?

     So anyway, there Hubbs and I sat, watching the heathens messily devour the lasagna and green bean bounty we had set before them while we quietly sweated bullets knowing Old Mother Hubbard had hard core been in her cupboard.  In our house, not having dessert is tantamount to ... oh... I dunno... pick something terrible. More quickly than we thought possible, both empty plates were presented with smiles and a hearty "Ta-dah!", seconds were denied, and it was time.  I went to the dessert shelf (yes, we have a whole shelf devoted to dessert) to try and buy some time but... wait... is that Quick?  Chocolate Quick?  Maybe a big glass of chocolate milk would satiate the beasts long enough for Hubbs and I to make a break for it and lock ourselves safely in the bathroom?  I went to the fridge for milk and.... hold up... we have plain greek yogurt!  Yogurt is kinda like pudding, right?  Well, that's what I'm going to tell them anyway....

3 minutes later...

... each child has their very own bowl of "special" chocolate pudding delicately garnished with Autumn colored sprinkles from last Fall's sugar cookies.  I AM A GENIUS!  Sass happily devoured two bowls full of the stuff and thanked me to boot.  Sprinks took one bite, opened her eyes wide in shock, grabbed her mouth in utter disgust, forced herself to swallow, aaaaand promptly puked it all up.  Hmmmm.... maybe it was a texture thing?

It was actually pretty good, though....

And I'm still counting this as a win, d*mnit.


  1. Soooo, you mixed Chocolate Quick with unflavored Greek yogurt, threw in some old sprinkles, and tried to pass it off as pudding? And then were surprised when Sprinks yakked it up? Yep, your brain is pregnant.

    1. .... well.... Sass ate it. Though, I have seen him eat tree bark and like it so.... yeah... preggo brain. :)

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