Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Wild Life

Things you do NOT want to find in your car:

1.  Sippy Cup Cheese
2.  Unwashed and heavily used hockey gear
3.  One of these...
The Carolina Wren.  Small bird, big attitude.  They are my favorite.

     Not only had the pissy, feathered scourge crapped all over my dashboard, but I didn't even notice she was in there until we had pulled out of the driveway and were on our way to dance class.  In a terrifying burst of birdy rage (fear) she attacked the window right next to poor Sprinkles head, causing hysteria and future therapy bills for a debilitating Bird Phobia.

     How did she get IN the car in the first place, you ask?  A clicker on a key chain got bumped somehow and the evil avian was in.  It was Nature and Tech working together in one cruel prank like some psyche-scarring Stephen King novel come to life. 

And now I'm off to scrape vengeful bird shit off the inside of my minivan.....