Family Key

Sass Monkey - My 5 year old son who possesses the complete inability to sit still.  It's like his superpower, or something. And he is tiny.  A whirling dervish of shrieking energy comprised only of bone, sinew, and very pale skin.  "He eats officer, I swear.  You should see the boy go after a pancake.  He just... won't... stop... moving...."

Sprinkles - My 3 year old daughter who can and will take you out brawler-style with a sweet, innocent smile on her face.  She is one tough cookie and will eat them too.  And she is huge.  I am absolutely convinced that genetics has a rather twisted sense of humor after seeing Sprinkles sitting next to Sass.

"The Big Little" or "TBL" - Our newest edition who came pre-loaded with opinions and no real need to sleep.  Good thing she is so damn cute...

Hubs/Hubby/Daddy/Occasional Bucking Bronco or The OBB - He is the sane one... which is scary considering.  He works hard, makes his own drugs beer, and looks goooood in a suit.  He is also nicer than I am.  Somebody has to play the Good Cop.....  He is also the official Spider-Smoosher and is a Licensed  Boo-Boo kisser.
Yes... the best medicine is homebrew and ice cream...

So there they are.  *BOOM*

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