Tuesday, January 8, 2013

He's been holding out!

     So... I'm sick... again.  WTF?  This one definitely rode in on Sass like a Boo Hag and snagged me on the way out.  Sneaky little creature... (the virus, not Sass... this time.)  Tonsils the size of angry cats, neon green goo EVERYWHERE, and an internal body temp around 100 degrees... kelvin.  Yerg.  Thanks buddy.  He certainly can share.  Speaking of which, he about shocked the pants off me this morning!  Confusing?  ... sorry. That's the cold medicine typing.  Just give me a minute and I'll make better sense.  Or sense better.  Or not at all.  Whatever...

     Hubbs and I divide the drop-off every morning as the wigglers both go to the same school but inhabit/maraud different buildings.  Those poor, brave individuals.... but I digress.  I grabbed Sprinkles while he walked Sass in to his classroom.  Upon returning to the car, Hubbs informed me that Sass had been very excited to show him the "Star Chart".

"What Star Chart?" I gurgle from beneath a veil of cold medicine hangover and Kleenex.

"The one on the board right up front."  He looked at me incredulously.  How have you missed this? he said with his eyes. "They get stars for good behavior and helping to clean up and he had the most out of everyone in the class!"

Shocked silence. 

"OUR Sass?  The one we drop off every morning?  Are you sure?" Little booger has been holding out on me....

"Yeah.  Apparently he is very helpful."

"Wha?" gurgle *choke*

"I know.  We should get one of those chart things for the house."

Like, double time, husband dear.....  Who knew?

Yeah... this kid.  With "Stars Upon Thars"...?  
What parallel universe...?


  1. Hi! Stopping by from Naptime Review blog hop and excited to be a new follower! I have a new Social Media Linky party that started today, I would love to have you link up!!


  2. First of all, so sorry that you also got bogged down by the flu! It's been going through our house too!
    Second, don't you trust on the chart too much! I used to despair over my boys messy rooms and getting them to clean up and then I go to the parent-teacher conference and have to stand the teacher gushing on and on about what good little helpers they are till I want to beat her with the chair!!!!

  3. Okay... so it's not just us then... They really do save all the good behaviors for their teachers... :)

  4. Oh I think he's just adorable! I would give him ALL the stars!
    (stopping by from a linky)