Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I know I'm late but at least I'm not pregnant!

SO.... about an eon ago, a wonderful woman by the name of Meredith from Mom of the Year gave me my first award.  The...

... and it rawked mah sawks.  Why did she give it to me?  I'm still not sure, but I'm leaning towards pity.  No shame in that... I'll take pity.  :)  Having only been at this blogging thing since September, I am a little slow on the up-take niceties-wise and waited far to long to thank this wonderful Angel of the Blogging World for inflating my ego far past its normal and safe dimensions.  I'm talking balloon head for weeks... just ask Hubbs.

Here are the rules should you choose to follow them:

You are to thank the blogger who gave it to you, include the logo in your post, note 7 things about yourself, and pass the award onto 7 other bloggers.

So without further adieu....

Thank You Meredith!  Your candor and wonderfully unique sense of humor have continued to inspire me throughout my brief sojourn into the blogosphere.  I have loved seeing your world through your words and look forward to learning from you in the future!

As for my 7 deadly sins fun facts...

1.  I would take warm sourdough bread slathered in butter over ice cream any day.  I have a carb problem.
2.  I used to drive a school bus... the short one, of course.
3.  I have a "shark tooth".  i.e. - one of my eye teeth came in completely behind my other teeth like a second row.  Hence "Shark Tooth".
4.  I can ride a horse but I can't climb a tree.  Thanks Nebraska.
5.  My favorite color is blue.  Wait, that's not blue.  Is that purple?  Grey?  I am partially color blind which has led to some EPIC fashion FAILS.
6.  I saw the first "Twilight" out of spite.  Wished it was "Interview With A Vampire" the entire time.
7.  I can read Middle English.  Why, do you ask?  Because I wanted to owe a sh*t-ton in student loans for No.  Reason.  At.  All.  

And now on to the list of those I would like to pass this prestigious award on to...

Please don't hate me guys....

I laugh every single time.  Seriously... this is some funny sh*t, ya'll.  And I can only hope that my kids will love each other enough one day to zap one another in the pink parts with an electric BBQ lighter.

Meara has opened up her world to us in an amazing way.  She has allowed me to catch a glimpse of a place I wouldn't have been able to know... and the knowing has left me humbled.

Nerds got to stick together ya'll and CAN she rock a tie-dye!  She's funny and smart and never leaves you wanting in the laugh department.

She's a warm fuzzy in the blogging world with a wicked sense of humor.  Not only are her posts a must read but she is TWITTER-IFIC!

Witty, funny, and unabashedly enthusiastic she gives me hope that my crazy wigglers might turn out to be decent contributors to society.  And she has taught me the value of a naked Happy Dance!

I'm not brown nosing!  I swear!  ;)  She tells it like it is!  Funny and truthful, I always find myself looking forward to her next post.  

A working Mom who tells it like it is... I like her.  And she's as all about the self medication as I am.  :)

"To know them is to love them" or something like that...  Enjoy!


  1. Awwww...thanks friend! You definitely got the fuzzy and wicked parts right :) I'm extremely flattered and will probably post this sometime in the next 6-8 months...'cause that's how I roll. But seriously, thank you! You are so very one of my favorites!

  2. Wow, thank you! Now I have to come up with MORE interesting stuff about myself?? I swear, I'm not that interesting!

  3. Thanks. Sorry I am a horrible person and never remember to respond to these but just imagine that I did and all seven facts BLEW YOUR MIND!

  4. You're ridiculous! And I'm laughing :) No one has ever called me an angel before and absolutely not pity involved AT ALL.. You're great, Synnove. Thanks for saying it like it is and being so real about it all. Balloon-heading now myself ;)

  5. Thank you! For the award and for loving the Asshats. I will be naming you their legal guardian should something happen to me.

    1. I was just fixing broken links on my blog over at my new location and I have to say I really appreciate the irony of this title - considering that not too much later you had a bun in the oven.

    2. Yeah... really bit myself in the ass on this one. ;)

  6. LOL!! Love that you can read Middle English...Beowulf?!!

    1. You give me to much credit! "Beowulf" is actually Old English which is far too much Anglo Saxon for me! I do love it though... Think "Canterbury Tales". :) Muuuuch easier.