Thursday, April 25, 2013

*Heavy Sigh* (Eye Roll) *Facepalm*

Okay... start by reading this....

Did you read the comments?  You should because that's where all the "fun" begins.

     That's right... I'm the  "Pie Hole" Mom....  :)  And for those of you who know me and this blog... well, of COURSE he had a ravenous pie hole!  He still does!  You should have seen how fast dinner disappeared last night... oh, AND the bedtime snack.

     Where have our manners gone, folks (not to mention our sense of humor)?  Manners and compassion are what separate us from the wild beasts.  Though I must say, some of those commenters make a pack of rabid wolves look pretty civilized.  And I'm not talking about the "elbows off the table", "no burping in public" kind of manners (those are not mandatory in my opinion), I mean the ones that let us all live together in some semblance of harmony.  I'm talking about the ones that will someday help us all to understand that we all bleed red, love our families, and can get along. Some of us have let our need to champion our beliefs, ANY BELIEF, cloud our understanding of what is just personal choice and what is actually harmful.  We have lost sight of what really needs changing in this world. (a.k.a. world hunger, women's/children's rights, oh how I could go on...) Have an opinion, get passionate, but do it in an intelligent and effective way.  Quote statistics, back your ideas up with facts and well written pieces, use a semi-colon or two... I dunno... but just vomiting your vitriolic nastiness up for all the world to see in the comments section doesn't do anything but hurt feelings and make you look petty.

     I am passionate about the boob vs. can debate, we all know this.... The Nipple Nazis really get mah dander up, but I would never accuse one of them of being a bad mother or not caring about their child just because we have chosen different feeding paths.  (You see, there are so many other very valid reasons I could pick from to judge them!)  I AM concerned about what values are being passed down to their children as far as love and acceptance of the life choices of others.  I mean... my kids may go to school with theirs.  I don't want my children being subjected to their on-the-spot-no-questions-asked judgy-ness or the "ish" that their progeny picks up from being raised in that environment.

Diversity is the spice of life, ya'll... negativity just f*cks up the recipe.

Oh... and show some love to Rebekah @ Mom-in-a-Million / The Stay At Home Pundit.  Her badassery knows no bounds!


  1. And THAT is why I stay the hell away from sites like that.

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  3. Oof!!! I wish you hadn't ventured into that mob! Seriously, there is no reasoning with such small-minded people!!

  4. There seems to be such an attitude today of women judging women..maybe it was always there. It's like Mean Girls II. I did what I did because it worked for me and for our family...I didn't use others as my yardstick to decide how I fed my kids, what I let my kids do or see, any other raging debates about child rearing. I was too busy raising my own kids to be judging others..I breastfeed 3 kids for a pretty long time for each..I enjoyed worked for me..did they ever get formula? You betcha....did they live to tell the tale...Yes. I would have never thought to say to any other mom... shame on you for not breastfeeding...or anything else.

    1. I think part of it's esteem issues and part of it's this "culture of entitlement" thing going around. They really are like rabid wolves, though. You can almost hear the diseased, foamy, drool hitting the keyboard as they .... um.... express their opinions.

    2. someone who is far above the maddening crowd at this point. There are no perfect perfect answers....we are human beings with lots of wears us all down. Judge as you wish to be judged. Lighten up...none of us get out of this alive. This mother as a competitive sport thing is a little child will never know (fill in the blanks)disappointment, hurt, rejection, jealousy...failure...learning how to handle those things young saves you a lot of unhappiness when you grow up and you find out that the rest of the world doesn't think you are not the hottest stuff to come up the tracks. You can give your kids a soft place to land when life knocks 'em around but you can't protect them from everything or you end up with very dysfunctional adults....a whole other topic.