Thursday, March 14, 2013

Herd THIS crazies....

Jenn from Something Clever 2.0's topic for Theme Thursday is wizard.  Like, gets-mah-blood-ta-boiling fantastic.  Vaccines, ya'll.  Effing vaccines.  Almost incoherently ranty on this one so I'll try a list to keep it focused.

1.  The study linking Autism to vaccines was INTENTIONALLY FALSIFIED.  The scientists knew there wasn't  any significant correlation between the two but needed funding so... *BOOM*.  Jenny effing McCarthy.

2. This was totally preventable.   California 2008 

3. As was all of this...  (pulled from the CDC website)

"A pertussis epidemic was declared in Washington on April 3, 2012. During 2012, 4,783 cases were reported statewide through (through January 5, 2013), compared to 965 reported cases in 2011 and 608 in 2010. Visit the Washington State Department of HealthExternal Web Site Icon for the most recent information."

"Vermont began to describe its increases in pertussis cases as epidemic on December 13, 2012. During 2012, 632 cases were reported (through December 29, 2012), compared to 94 cases in 2011. Visit the Vermont Department of Public HealthExternal Web Site Icon for the most recent information."

"Minnesota experienced high rates of pertussis in 2012. As of December 27, 2012, 4,433 cases were reported statewide for the year. 661 pertussis cases were reported in 2011. Visit the Minnesota Department of HealthExternal Web Site Icon for the most recent information."

"High rates of pertussis were reported in Wisconsin during 2012. As of December 31, 2012, 5,923 cases were reported for the year. During 2011, 1,192 probable and confirmed cases were reported. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Health ServicesExternal Web Site Icon for the most recent information."

"Colorado began to describe its increases in pertussis cases as epidemic on August 20, 2012. As of December 29, 2012, 1,510 cases were reported in 2012 compared to a 2007-2011 average of 158 cases for the same time period. Visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and EnvironmentExternal Web Site Icon for the most recent information."

4.  The flu vaccine isn't 100% effective, no.  That is because of the nature of the virus.  It is a tough and tricksy thing that mutates constantly inside each infected host (us).  It's a survivor.  Each person essentially ends up with their own little personalized version of the virus to spread around... aren't you special!  The vaccine protects against TYPES not SPECIFIC flu viruses.  This being said, even if you get the flu after a vaccine, your body has already produced some nice generalized defensive lines, called antibodies, that will help you heal faster against any strain of the flu you may become infected with.  If you get the vaccine and you THEN get the flu, you won't get it nearly as bad.  In a child, this can be the difference between a high fever with some snot and a trip to the ER for severe respiratory distress and possible death.

5.  Hepatitis A & B will eat your liver and kill you.  The vaccine will not.  It's a no brainer.

6.  Pertussis is scary shit.  I have watched my son struggle for air on the way to the ER while crouping 3 separate times and it nearly unhinged me.  Pertussis (Whooping Cough) makes Croup look like a sunny day at a beach resort with a hot cabana boy who keeps bringing you margaritas.   Again... no brainer.  The baby doesn't even get stuck for this one initially.  Mom, if you get it in the hospital and breastfeed, your baby gets your immunity!  No needles needed.

7.  I have had Shingles. Get the effing chicken pox vaccine.  Shingles is BAD.  Like beg for death for a week bad.

8.  Fine.  You have made your decision not to Vaccinate.  You've researched and read all the papers and talked to all the mom groups... Then you know all about THIS, right?  

9.  You will put braces on your child and cause them pain for months or even years, all for beauty's sake, but you won't let them suffer 30 seconds of discomfort to save their lives?  Yeah.... you are a kind of crazy even prayer can't help.

Look, if you choose not to get your family or yourself vaccinated, I won't worry for my kids because they have already gotten their needle stick and a sucker, but I will worry for yours.  And I will talk about you behind your back.

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  1. GAHHH that measles link made me SO MAD! I wish I knew who Patient Zero for my son's chicken pox was. Or maybe I don't, because I'd beat their parents' faces in. And I love your last link, but I think you should change it to the page AFTER that one. You know, without the warning.

    1. I totally thought about it but then I thought "What if they are eating?"... Heh.

      A beating is the least that they deserve....

  2. Niiiice. Love this. Your anger is so justified and snarky.

  3. I appreciate the link to the warning page - I chose not to view photos of horrible diseases that could be easily prevented by vaccines. Totally agree with and enjoyed your rant!

  4. Love this post! I will never understand the so-called logic behind the argument to not vaccinate your kids

  5. You said it, sistah! Jenny effing McCarthy needs to stick to what she does best. (What, exactly, IS that, anyway? Taking off her clothes? It's certainly not autism education.)