Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh my craft-ness!

So, I wouldn't consider myself "crafty" but Hubbs and I did something so amazingly awesome this weekend, I just had to share.  I would also like to say that this was totally spontaneous and completely a collaborative effort.  And we made it up as we went along... and it actually worked.  I know, right?  (Also, I am apologizing to those of you on the Book as I bombarded you with photos this weekend.  But d*mn, we are that proud.)

We bought:
12 small succulent plants - Home Depot
1 sheet (?) of white plastic lattice - Home Depot
1 package of heavy duty but bendable wire - Home Depot
1 bag of moisture control potting soil - Home Depot
1 package of wall screws with white anchors
12 pint mason jars - Publix
5 bags of river rocks - Dollar Tree
3 bags of moss - Dollar Tree

We started like this...

And while I filled the jars,
(Rocks on the bottom for drainage, a layer of moss, and then soil)

Hubbs pre-drilled several holes into the lattice, marked out where they would go into the wall, and put in the anchor screws.
(It's kind of hard to see, but the white dots are the anchors for the screws.)

We then measured out lengths of wire and attached it to the lattice by wrapping it around the back and leaving enough to wrap around the lip of the jars at least once.
(Ignore the feral onion.)

Then we hung the lattice and just wrapped the wire around the jars and ... BOOM!  Instant LIVING living room art the kids can't touch! (or eat)

I think we will edge it in some kind of white trim to define it a bit more but it looks pretty good now...

Afterwards, I used the lids from the jars to make coasters for the super awesome cedar chest Hubbs refinished for a coffee table....

And then I just went batsh*t and the feral onion became part of a kitchen center piece, but we will see how long that lasts.  It has started to give me the shark eye and I heard talk of rebellion from the potatoes in the drawer.  You can't get anything past a potato... not with all those eyes....


  1. Very cute idea!! Have you been on Pinterest or have you been talking to the King of Succulents?? (he who must remain nameless) You must show S and J your project! Impressive!

    1. We saw an outdoor version for orchids at the Nashville Lawn and Garden Expo and I got the terrarium idea from Pinterest. Nick suggested the mason jars because he is a genius.

      And they saw it (and "Liked" it) on Facebook. ;)

      I'm glad you liked it!

    2. It's always good to have a genius husband that gets on board and makes things happen!

    3. I had no idea he was so.... handy. (I mean, yes but... no) He's all about the installations and the refinishing. It's pretty awesome.

  2. Wow, excellent ideas. It turns out so beautifully! Thumbs up!

    Visiting from Family Fridays- hope you can stop by :)

  3. Very cute! My mom has something similar outside with old glass sugar bowls that you put votives in - in case you've got some lattice left over....

  4. oh nice!! You should totally pin that and get a bunch of new viewers diverted to the blog!

    1. I made it into a pin but I can't figure out how to make it link back....

  5. This is awesome!!! What a cool idea!

  6. Going to have to try this one, we love indoor plants and have tons of mason jars around. thanks for sharing! we found you through nanahood.com

    1. It was REALLY easy... otherwise we would have totally effed it up. ;)