Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh, my baby is SO environmentally friendly...

     Last weekend, I decided that I was going to add some pizzazz to our front stoop courtesy of some cheap annuals and some planters from Sam's.  I went all out, I know.  Spared no expense... One quick trip to the Homey Depot and we became the proud eventual executioners caretakers of a couple of families of pansies.  Lucky us.  I thought it would be nice to try and include the kids (why, oh WHY do I keep thinking these delusional things?) so I hauled them out front with me for a little bonding time (though I would have preferred bondage by the end of it... as in binding both of them with duct tape to a tree out front).

     I got halfway through planting one pot before Sass was streaking around the yard with a hand trowel and a fierce need to either eviscerate himself or permanently go pirate (Arg, ladies! Would you like take a peek under me eye-patch?) and Sprinkles was... she was...  What is she...?  Wait.  Where did she get chocolate?  Oh... that's not chocolate....

     Mah dear Sprinkles was bent over the plastic potting soil bag, cheerily and vigorously shoving heaping handfuls of Miracle Grow's Best into her mouth.  Because, you know, you just can't eat one....  Like it was effing potato chips.  She just looked at me and cracked a giant, black and gritty grin... and then belched muddily.  Okay ya'll... time to go inside.  You win.


  1. omg! tickled doesn't even describe how hard im laughing! this reminds me of the time my daughter was eating cheerios and I kept asking my husband where she got them considering the fact that we hadn't opened them yet when he brought it to my attention that they weren't cheerios but the cats food...-_- oh the shame....

  2. I just audibly shuddered. Thanks for that.

  3. I am simultaneously laughing and nodding along . . . I feel your pain! And I, too, have a list of things I thought I'd never say that is added to every day. Stopping by from the TGIF Blog Hop....

    1. It's like we live in a parallel universe full of tiny, crazy people...

  4. Thanks for linking up at FF with us today!