Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sharing is not caring!

Oh, my kids are so good at sharing.  They share their boogies, Cheerios, boogie covered Cheerios, and... stomach bugs.  Of course, all Sass Monkey got was a grumbly tummy, a couple of barfs, and then straight back to Spiderman and Leggos. I had 5 straight hours of hugging the porcelain teddy bear while begging for death's sweet release followed by one hellaciously long night of the shakes and the sweats.  My poor husband probably thought he was sleeping next to a meth addict in detox... all twitching, hallucinations, incoherent mumbling, and barf breath.  This morning brought relief from the mind crushing nausea.. as long as I don't eat or drink anything.  Anything.  OH GOD NO COFFEE.  *whimper*  No fair.

There are a couple of good things, though.
1.  The baby didn't get it.. yet.
2.  It wasn't one of those bugs that makes you glad the toilet is close to the bathtub...  You know what I mean...

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