Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Poop Quiz!

Tuesday Poop Quiz  (see what I did there?)

1.  This is funny because:
    a.  I have children and there isn't much that can come out of a human body that can freak me out anymore.
    b.  I have made that face.
    c.  I rode in the elevator this morning with someone who made that face.
    d.  At least he isn't eating his boogers.
    e.  All of the above.

2.  This is NOT funny because:
   a.  I rode in the elevator with someone this morning who made that face.
   b.  Daddy called "Not It!".
   c.  I waited 3 months to get a session with this photographer and now I am going to have to pay how much  for a framed glossy of my child wrangling a turd?
   d.  Oh gawd... he had prunes.  I did this to myself.
   e.  All of the above.

Please feel free to post your answers in the comments section below and don't worry.... there is no shame here... only truth.  Brutal, questionable substance (Hey, can you smell this?  I think it's poop.) encrusted truth....


  1. Oh that picture is just too funny and I am going to guess 'e' for both questions. :-)

  2. Correct! I wish I had a sticker to give you.... :)