Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sprinkles is 1... and I can't handle it...

     Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Her Omnipotence, the Duchess of Drooly Disaster, Her Royal “Up High” -ness, the Queen of Wiggles and Squeals, Sprinkles, turns 1 on this truly auspicious day.  We will all bow our heads and remember (well, not you guys.  That would just be weird.)her easy labor ( 4 hours total and only 2 stitches!) and speedy delivery  into this world, a world that is a better place because of her arrival….
     Baby girl is 1!  Oh gawd, my baby is 1?  Wait… where did that last WHOLE YEAR go?  I mean, I remember something about her not letting me put her down for 6 months and how she was so big at birth that many of the baby clothes people had bought for her didn’t fit.  And how her shoulder was hurt but that couldn’t, wouldn’t,  AND DIDN’T stop her.  And about how she was colicky and thrushy (we be a thrushy people) but still ate well and GREW LIKE A WEED.  And about how her eyes just got bluer and bluer so as to make the sky on a sunny summer day jealous.  And how, when she first started to really smile, it would get wider and wider until it seemed as if her entire face was one huge, toothless grin.  And how she was such a quiet and thoughtful baby until one day she WOKE UP and it was all shrieks and singing and wiggling and sumo wrestling her brother.  And how when she started walking, she planted her feet wide and stomped the floor as if she was announcing to the world “Here I come!”  And how she learned to wave and say “Hi” and she sounded just.  like.  me. ….  And how she was my little baby and now she’s a big girl with opinions and thoughts and a shout that can shake the rafters… and a whisper that tickles your ear and smells like graham crackers… *sniff*  Okay, so I do remember SOME things.  It’s not ALL lost in the haze of sleep deprivation and tornado-life.J

My baby is 1… but she will always be my baby…

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