Monday, October 22, 2012

Biological Attacks

     Yay!  Monday vacation!  I can sit, drink my coffee, and think my work thoughts… completely uninterrupted.  And pee by myself…  THAT is such a luxury now that Sprinks is mobile and has an agenda.  Time to wind down after the weekend mayhem of pumpkin pancakes, fall festivals, apple eating, jack-o-lantern carving, and general not-still-ness…  We had fun, mind you, tons of it.  The kind of fun that gets you good and dirty and has you asleep before you hit the bed… which is why I am happy to just sit here and pow-wow with Mr. Dunkin.  J
     But the weekend wouldn't have been complete without SOMEONE getting sick, right?  Enter Sass…. in grand style.  One minute we were in the Wal-marts buying groceries and begging for an Angry Birds tee-shirt (Really?  You have played that game, like, 5 times on my phone.  Total.  Ever.) the next he was sitting quietly (warning bells!!!) with dark circles under his eyes in the middle of the toiletries aisle.  He went from 98.6 to the-surface-of-the-sun in about 2 minutes.  While we checked out, he wandered around the nearby Halloween department in my green Pashmina knock-off, all hollow eyed and miserable, still trying to pull all the costumes off their displays.  It was like the virus had taken over and, in a desperate attempt to infect the greater population, was instructing him to cough/sneeze/drool on all the masks the kids would be putting directly on their faces this Halloween.  Soooo Michael Crichton of them.  (Eeek!  They can read!)  We quick scooped him up, got him in the car, and began to drive home.  Poor little man...he just laid in his car seat all silent and slack jawed…  and we knew it was REALLY bad when he refused the offer of freshly baked chickey nuggets and tater tots…  It was time to worry.  He must be near death.
      Straight into bed he went with a large dose of grape flavored Ibuprofen for his 103.9 degree fever.  Go Buddy, go!… when he does it he does it right.  He didn't move for the rest of the day.  At all.  It was very unnerving.  From the bed to the couch for some movie time and that was it.  He wasn't even this still when he had Salmonella… and THAT was ugly. (Sass has always been hard core.  He doesn't get a chest cold, he gets croup.  He doesn't get a stomach bug, he gets Salmonella…) Coaxed out of his stupor with a bowl of chocolate ice cream around dinner, he then began to perk up.  Once his fever began to respond to the medicine we all began to feel better… except for Sprinks who saw this as an excellent opportunity to “pay it forward” if you will, and harass and harangue her strangely still older brother as much as possible.

Stillness and quiet is always so disturbing with children…..

Whoa!  Look at the size of that Rod!

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  1. Poor guy! And poor you...sounds like he was so sick. Hope he's feeling completely better soon and hope you score of that stillness and quiet--sans the kid disruption :)