Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh my... the LANGUAGE!

Sass-isms and excerpts from this weekend:

Sass:  “Throw me!  Ima baseball!”

Sass:  “What you talkin’ about?  Dats Batcrap.”  *sigh*

At 6:30 this a.m., Sass marches in the bathroom (while I am trying to take a shower) and declares that:
Sass:  “ I'm mad at Daddy!”
Me:  “Why?”
Sass:  “He won’t give me dinner.”   

     We are still waiting on Sprinkles’s little nuggets of wisdom, but it seems that she prefers to remain silent as Sass does all the talking for her.

Sass:  “Sister wants a cookie, Mommy.”

Sass:  “Sister wants her milk, Mommy.”

Sass:  “Sister maybe wants to go pway wif me upstairs now, Mommy”.

     Of course, Sprinkles goes along quite happily with everything Sass Monkey suggests… well, except for when he decided she wanted to have a pillow fight and he blindsided her with a decorative throw pillow from the couch.  Nope, she was NOT down with that.  No worries though, she gets him back by taking his toys and sitting on his head while he is trying to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Dats mah gurl….

No, Sweetie... THIS is Batcrap....