Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm playing Warden SAHM today as the wigglers new school has a "teacher in-service' day today.  Crap. I mean, what a lovely opportunity to spend more quality time with my lovely children, one of whom is Supa-Teething while the other one fancies himself  a tiny Napoleon (Waterloo's a b*tch yo).  So, as you can see, today will be a bit of a cluster.. not to mention that Sprinkles has her 1 year old appointment with the pediatrician this afternoon... in the middle of nap time. We all know what that means!  Shots, shots, and one really upset wolverine toddler.  REALLY bad panning on my part...

This will be a  short post for a crazy Monday as I will be busy doing things like:

- Making sure Sprinkles doesn't eat something weird
- Making sure Sass doesn't use the stairs as a launching pad because he thinks he can actually fly when he is wearing his Dragon costume (it has wings, you see)
- Making sure Sprinkles doesn't try to climb the stairs to follow Sass
- Making sure Sass doesn't try to "Run his Sister through" as he has a not-so-mild obsession with pirates and a new plastic sword
- Making sure Sprinkels doesn't eat something weird...

Well, you see where this is going...

Whoa!  Gotta go!  Sprinkles is squishing Sass and his pride has been hurt!  :)

Avast ye scurvy dogs!

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