Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Escape Artist Academy

     Is your house too safe?  Is your baby NOT getting into enough cabinets?  Always wanted your little one to be able to unlock that front door to go out and play in the street?  Well, make sure to add this to Santa’s letter this Christmas!

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board


     Grandma bought this for Sass Monkey for his second Christmas (he was a year and a half) and I was all like “How cute!” and then…. he got good at it.  Thank you Melissa & Doug for turning my little escape artist into a true pro.  Flip lock, chain lock, bolt, hook and eye… he’s mastered ‘em all and Sprinkles is well on her way to graduating from the class of 2013 with honors.  Hubby and I have had to add chain locks to each door above the reach of a 3 year old standing on a dining room chair to prevent DCS involvement.  Lock up yer daughters… and sons… and Windex… cause here come my children!

*My kids actually LOVE this thing...  and everything else Melissa & Doug make that they have received.  Sprinkles is sooooper addicted to this 4 piece zoo animals puzzle that also acts as a musical instrument, chew toy, and weapon.  Very multi-functional....

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