Friday, October 12, 2012

Huns 'n Linebackers

     Sass is teaching Sprinks how to tackle.  Not the sweet, fall into your arms, snuggle tackle.  The berserker, scream-like-you-mean-it, head first, no-blood no-foul kind of tackle.  Sass has always been a physical being.  He doesn't want a hug, he wants a full body smash with his legs wrapped around you and his arms firmly locked around your neck.  Breathing for you is optional, in his opinion.  Even when he was just a tiny baby, he wanted to put his face in your face.  He would press his knobby little forehead into yours as hard as he possibly could and then, nose to nose, he would just look at you and smile.  It was an all out face hug. 
     Knowing that he was brutally affectionate, hubby and I were very sure to keep a close eye on him when he was lovin’ on da Sprinks after she was born.  She was so fragile and tiny.  For about 6 minutes.  Now my baby girl and my big boy roll around on the carpet squealing, pounding, smooshing, and laughing.  Sprinkles loves nothing better than being put in a good head lock or smashing her brother to the floor with her considerable bulk.  Now that she is fully mobile and upright, her true training has begun… and Sensei Sass is a ready and willing teacher. 
     Fast-forward to last night as a shrieking, drooling, pink pj wearing Sprinkles launched herself at me as I lay helpless on the floor.  There was fire in her eyes and purpose in her heart.  Mommy was going down.  Add some Sass to the onslaught and it’s all I can do to protect my vitals and shield my face as a hurricane of giggling linebackers descend upon me and show no mercy.   It is powerful and full of pointy little elbows and slimy kisses… and joyous squealing.  Then it is Daddy’s turn.  He fairs no better than I do and is completely overrun by mini-Huns.
     As I watch them cream their father I realize that I will never have quiet, sweet, obedient children.  It’s just not in our genetics… which is probably for the better as I wouldn't know what to do with one anyway.  The wigglers complement each other in their ferocity… and size.  Never a dull moment, you know?

Oh Gawd… just wait until they're teenagers… *shiver*

And so, I will leave you this Friday with Fairy Kitten.  Because I can.  I need one of these...

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