Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mommy Time Out!

     Last night I took a Mommy “Time-Out”.  Hubbs and I picked the kids up, got them home and through the door, and then I turned around and walked right on back out.  (After numerous hugs and kisses, of course.)  And I didn't come home until after the kids were in bed and the house was quiet. 

     You see, once a week I drive all the way to the other side of town, strap on some skates with sassy pink wheels, pad everything, and roll around a track trying to find as many ways as possible to hurt myself.  That’s right folks, Roller Derby.  It’s awesome and I suck but I DON'T CARE!  It’s not about social skills or who is wearing what.  It’s not about calming or centering anything.  It is DEFINITELY not about being polite.  It’s about falling down and getting back up.  It’s about trying hard and doing better than last week (hopefully).  It’s about pushing yourself and getting stronger.  And pain... no small amount of pain.  Like many things worth doing in this world, it takes its toll and leaves some bruises…. and lets you know that you have just being kidding yourself about core strength…  Man, that last wiggler really did my abs in.  (As in pushed them down somewhere around my navel and then left them there to die.  Which they did.)

My Ab Eliminator and future Derby Girl!

It is goooood, and I am gooooood (I am a so-very-old-lady kind of sore.  Lots of popping, and cussin’ this morning.), and I should have just enough time to heal before next week!!!

My new favorite torture device pastime....

How do you spend your Mommy Time-Outs, ladies?

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  1. I wish I could do this but I'm super preggers! Sounds awesome though. My mom time outs consist of trips to the grocery store that take way longer than they're supposed to lol

  2. That's awesome!

    I don't get nearly enough mommy time outs! My brother is a musician and I thought I'd get a little time out by going to one of his gigs tonight, only the weather had other plans (I've got a thing or two to say to the weather in the northeast lately!). His show got rescheduled and my hubby is STILL trying to make his way home from work.

    Ah well. Maybe next time. lol.