Friday, November 16, 2012

Well, I DID ask....

After reading his bedtime story last night…

Me:  “Who did you play with today at school, honey?”
Sass:  “Bad Sam.  He pushed me down.”
Me:  “Sam pushed you?  Did he say he was sorry?”
Sass:  “No.  He’s da Bad Sam.  I said “Neener, Neener Neener!” *Thumbs plated on his cheeks.  Fingers waving insultingly* “You can’t catch me.” And den he pushed me.  But I played with the Good Sam.”

Something tells me “Bad Sam” was framed but I say nothing.

Me:  “There is a Good Sam?  So there are two Sams?”
Sass:  “Yeeeaaah.  I play wif my Super Friends.  Der is two Bob’s and two Terrence’s…”

Uuuuuummm…  So his entire class is either Dr. Seuss’s “Too Many Daves” or full of Doppelgangers?  Or is it like when Spiderman was taken over by that black goo and became “Bad Spiderman”?  Is my son’s daycare near any nuclear reactors, secret research centers, or built on an ancient Indian burial ground?  Are Sass and his Super Friends our only hope of defeating the Ultimate Evil?  Have I been watching too many bad SyFy movies after the kids go to bed?

Me:  “So there are a lot of kids in your class with the same names?”
Sass:  “No… I don’t know their names.”
Me:  “Oh.”


*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.*


  1. giggle...Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  2. HA! kids are funny. If mine don't like the kid they call him or her something horrible like Mildred or Leonard I rarely get a real name out of them..