Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waiting is the hardest part... for EVERYBODY!

Once upon a time (like 6 a.m.) there was a wiggly bed ninja with ice cubes for feet and an insatiable need for Spiderman merch....

Sass:  *launches himself into bed, icy little feet headed directly for anything warm and squishy.  Stomach or butt are the preferred methods of feet warming.  Not by my choice ...*
"Mommy, have you seen da Spiderman mask dat talks?  Santa's gonna bwing me dat one..."

Me:  *snort... eek! Ack... who put ice cubes in the bed... oh wait.*  "Wha? ... Oh... good morning, sweetie."

Sass:  "Dat Spiderman mask Santa is gonna bwing me.  My fweinds has seen it."

Me:  "Oh... okay"

Sass:  "Mommy, can I have some ceeeeereal?  I need ceeeeereal."  *begins frantic wiggling*

Me:  "Sure, honey.  Just a second."  *errrr... bed too comfy...*

Sass:  *Huffs loudly, thumps to the floor, and heads for the door.*
"Dis is gonna take a wong time, Mommy.  My ceeeereal will take FOREVER."


...At least all the baby wants is the wrapping paper and the boxes the toys come in to chuck at her brother's head...  I need to find her some toys in really big boxes....


  1. made me tear just hug those icy little piggies and enjoy the waiting for Christmas together....I envy where you are in life...there is nothing better than having a house of little believers at's magical!

    1. It IS fun... and useful. "Santa doesn't like it when you push your sister!" "You know, Santa knows when you are being naughty..." ect...

  2. Have you seen the Elf on the Shelf that looks like that might be a fun little activity. I loved the one where every time you caught them being nice you give them a piece of straw to make the manager softer for baby Jesus...or making paper chains every time you catch them being good...interesting to see how long it can get (or not get ha) No matter what you think will be their favorite usually comes down to the biggest box they can make into some sort of vehicle or play house and the things they remember are the traditions and how your house 'feels' during the holidays.

    1. I have seen Elf on the Shelf... I have this thing with plastic faced dolls... and clowns... ew. I really like the paper chain idea, though!

  3. cute!!! My boys have already made lists...the older one already doesn't believe in Santa so he directed his list to me...and the younger one (4) told him what he should write for his stash! *sigh*

    1. I am so excited to do Santa Lists this year! I get to play Santa Secretary!

  4. giggle. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.xo

  5. love this story. too funny, and strangely familiar.


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