Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Tornadoes

Yay!  Turkey Time!    Time to pack up the Armada of baby crap and flotilla this sh*t out to an un-baby-proofed house made of sharp edges and wood burning everything.
No, don't touch it that it isn't a toy because I said so and where did you get this and what is in your mouth oh gawd it's a lady bugs wings but where is the body and why are you so happy about it and if you go to sleep I will buy you a pony....  
But at least the food is good.  :)
Just take a bite and try it you might like it and don't you throw that ma'am and please stay in your seat don't you dare gag that out on your plate just swallow it SWALLOW IT!  *Ug*.  
And there are lots of extra hands to help.
If you continue to whip my child into a frothing, raging frenzy right before bed I will have them sleep with you by gawd I'm not kidding it's only funny for you and NO he doesn't "wear out" what is this "wear out" that you speak of?
And liquor... or the "Nobody Dies" Juice...
This is most definitely a "Punctuation Enabler" as it allows me to actually use the proper punctuation in my brain instead of everything being all "The Sound and the Fury" in there.

Click here to read all about this 
Miracle Mommy Medicine... my Happy Holiday Helper... 
It comes in HANDLES!!!!

Ahhhhhh.... that's better....
Now, go play my little sweetlings.  We brought lots band aids and ladybugs aren't THAT poisonous....


  1. This should be a fun weekend to watch from afar. Enjoy!

  2. Ohhhh - I can totally feel you in this post. We will be taking my 3 year old twins to my SIL's house. It is stressful and this Mommy will be partaking in a few sippy cups full of that "Nobody Dies" juice for sure! :)

    Thanks for linking up to the More Than Mommies Mixer on Friday! Stopping by to say thanks, follow you in any place we don't already, and make sure to invite you again this Friday! We will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate 4 weeks of mixing!!

    Happy Thanksgiving and GOOD LUCK!

    Janene from More than Mommies

    1. Yeek! Twins? That terrifies me... You must be one tough lady....

  3. We do not "wear out" in our house either..."amping up" is always far more accurate! Also, could you pass the bottle of "Nobody Dies Juice"...we seem to be all out! Found you at @YKIHAYHT's bloghop...BIG new fan :) Excited to follow along!

  4. Oh, EVERY. DAMN. UNCLE my kid has, feels the need to sneak him three cookies after I've already generously allowed him two. And then tickles him for 20 minutes. It's not "wearing him out;" it's riling him up!!

    1. And they wonder why we give them the Shark Eye for the entire holiday...