Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Sneaky Snuggler Earfail Gummy

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday... I propose Nap Wednesday.  Let's all send those kids to daycare, Grandma's, your local pet shelter... and all take naps.  You know the kind I mean....

The "Slimy":
     The kind of nap where you sleep so hard you sweat through the clothes you fell asleep in because you just didn't make it to getting them off.

The "Vampire":
     Wait!  Wasn't it daylight outside when I laid down?

The "Gummy":
     Usually only a problem during allergy season.

The "Numby":
     Only a Hubbs issue for the most part but I think that is just because I haven't reached the level of nap-taking where my arms actually fall asleep.  He is a nap guru...

The "Earfail":
     A personal favorite of mine.  It's when you fall asleep so hard that you don't notice you've bent your ear over... don't notice until you pick your head up anyway...

The "Sneaky Snuggler":
     The nap you unintentionally take next to your child in their tiny little bed while trying to get them to take a nap.

The "Shitter":
     No, no.. not that...  It's the one where, when you wake up, you wonder when the elephant got into the house and shit in your mouth.  Can also be referred to as the "Sweater" nap. (cause you mouth feels all fuzzy and Sass tells you to stop breathing on him and to go brush yer teefs.)

Of course, any of these can be combined:

The Gummy Numby
The Slimy Earfail
The Sneaky Snuggler Vampire
The Numby Shitter
The Sneaky Snuggler Earfail Gummy
The Slimy Vampire Shitter

And so on and so on...  And they are all beautiful because they all involve sleep...

I love this one too... 
the "Car Seat Knock-Out"... 
even though it doesn't involve me 
actually getting any sleep....

Know of any I missed?  
Any favorites to share?  
Preferred Combinations?


  1. I do not discriminate. I like all kinds of sleep. I take it when I can get it!

  2. I am not sure what you would call it, but I have a few college students that can nap and ignore body functions. You would think at some point the urge to go to the bathroom would kick in during a 6-8 hr nap, but nope. I'll let you name it.

    1. I'm going to call it the "Camel". Wow... Holding pee for 8 hours? That IS impressive.