Monday, November 12, 2012

Out for good behavior...

Oh, sweethairyjeezus, yes....  A day off when daycare is OPEN!  It's like Christmas except Hubbs and I still have to wrangle on Christmas, so in some ways... IT'S BETTER!  Now, don't get yer hopes up.  

What sounds like it might be like this...

Will probably end up being more like this...

Sweet, uninterrupted sleep and/or TV time.  Disney Jr. can suck my Sperry's and Sprout can blow me.  Until the kids get home, of course.  :)  And then we are all Care Bear farts and My Little Pony piles.  Oh wait, wrong generation.  How about Little Nut-Brown Hare trails (that show makes my gag reflex really jumpy) and Captain Barnacles... well... barnacles.  (Don't worry. Quazi.  You are still my favorite.)

One of the few "shows" I will actually watch with the wigglers on purpose...

But I digress... as usual...
It is enough to say that the house is quiet, no one is wearing work clothes, and Hubbs and I just might get to actually sit down for a nice lunch out somewhere.  But lets not get all crazy talk now...  :)

Anybody else out there off the erm... out early for good behavior?  How are you all spending your time today?


  1. The same as I do every day. On my couch in my sweats, swearing at PBS for not coming in. ;-)

  2. Enjoying all the free food my hubby gets for being in the military(4 more hours until he gets home and I am counting down!!!) Still gonna have the mini so its not really a day off...I do get to spend the day with my hubby in his uniform...and the night with him out of it woot woot! Lol

  3. Watch out....those days off and alone sans children could lead to Sass, Sprinkles, and the addition of a little Sprout...just saying 3:) and when they out number you and your's all bets off!!

    Sounds more fun than what I am doing washing a whole lot of windows and screens...sigh.