Monday, February 11, 2013

20 Reasons....

With the Official American Love Day fast approaching, I decided I would dedicate this week's posts to my loves.  First up is Hubbs....

 Hubbs is the Bomb-Diggety 
(a short and incomplete list)

1.  He takes out the trash and the Diaper Genie WITHOUT being asked.  He also transports aforementioned Diaper Sausage of Death to the trash cans outside. Also without being asked. 
2.  He says "You're sexy when you cook." even though I look a wilted, hot-mess while leaning over a stove full of steaming pots.
3.  He cried manly-style while reciting his vows.  He actually wrote our vows and most of the wedding service.  The preacher who married us asked to keep a copy to use for other couples in the future.  It was amazingly good.  Pablo Neruda, people.  Pablo Neruda.
4.  Last night, while I lay impossibly entwined with a heating pad on the couch,  he said "I know you are in pain.  I'll change her diaper." and took Sprinks upstairs for a hose-down.  Now, he may have said it sarcastically, but I don't care.  That man is brilliant.
5.  He never backs down.  Ever.
6.  He gets angry when I'm right and then tries to change the subject.  It's cute.
7.  He is a Master Griller.  Steaks that will make you smack yo' Momma.
8.  He dresses better than I do.  He also dresses ME better than I do.
9.  I can still embarrass him in public.
10.  He lived with my crotchety, smelly, piss machine (a.k.a. my cat) for 12 years.  And he's allergic.  That cat hated everyone but me.  She was awesome.
11.  Good genetics.  Gawd we make some pretty babies.
12.  He's crazy smart... and smartass.  
13.  He's healthy and loves to work out.  It gives me something to aspire to... or at least something to watch.  ;)
14.  He just grins and bears it while I loose my sh*t for a couple of months after giving birth.  Tough cookie.
15.  He has "The Daddy Finger".  Apparently, his pinky is the perfect size, shape, and consistency for sucking to sooth a colicky baby.  Sass preferred "The Daddy Finger" to his paci for quite some time.  They would sit for hours together, Hubbs snuggled up in the chair, with Sass contentedly sucking away... and quiet.
16.  I can't gross him out.  He has cleaned up my vomit, inspected infected owies,  and been present at both births.  He's seen everything.  The second time 'round in the delivery room he actually asked me if I had pooped Dark Matter in front of all the doctors and nurses between pushes.  Dat's a keeper, right der.
17.  He doesn't complain when I watch Finding Bigfoot.  :O
18.  He works HARD.  He knew what he wanted and he fought for it and now he is Hubbs, Esquire.  (Did you know attorneys can't call themselves Esquire?  You can only call others Esquire.  Law is weird.)
19.  He personally designed my engagement ring and chose the stones at a local jewelers'.  He had them reinforce the prongs because, and I quote, "Well, you are probably going to bang it on stuff.".  Or you're clumsy.  :)  He was right....
20.  Sometimes I will catch him just quietly watching me... and it still makes me blush.  :)

There are many other reasons, of course, that Hubbs is da Bomb-Diggety but it would be completely inappropriate to list some of them here as my family does occasionally stumble up to take a gander.  ;)

Over and out.  Tee-hee.  (I said "over"...)

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