Friday, February 8, 2013

Give him what he wants....

* It is a nightly requirement/staple/charming family tradition that Sass gets to watch a show of his choice (e.g. Octonauts or Little Einsteins) before book and bed.*

Earlier this week, I told Sass that, if he watched too much TV, it would make his brain feel bad.

(Yes, yes... I lied.  But the boy had been laying on the couch, cracking out on Disney Jr., for the last 4 days while down with the flu.  He felt better now and his little butt needed to get some play on!)

So a few days later, I got this...

Me: "Okay honey, let's turn off the TV.  It's time to go read a book."
Sass's eyes went wide as blue willow plates as they begin to fill with crocodile tears.  "No book, Mommy.  I want Wittle Einstiens!" he waggles his finger at me, capturing my hand position and expression perfectly, "I want Wittle Einsteins, but no book!"
Me:  "Nope.  It's time for bed.  Let's go."
Sass:  "No, no NOOOOO!  I want my brain bad, Mommy!  I want my brain bad!"  The tears begin to resemble Niagara Falls.
Me:  *blink* "What?  You want what?"
Sass:  "I want one more Wittle Einsteins, Mommy!  I want my brain bad!"

Heh... okay buddy.

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