Tuesday, February 12, 2013

20 Sass-tastic Fabulosities

Yesterday was all about the Hubbs love so today will be about Sass Monkey's awesomeness   (I eeney-meenied on who would go next... Sass or Sprinks?)  Here we go!

20 Sass-tastic Fabulosities
(never enough though, sometimes, it is...)

1.  He has one, irresistible dimple.  He used to have two but the other one couldn't handle all the cuteness  and ran off.
2.  He was my first everything baby.  His pupation gave the word "discomfort" a new meaning and has subsequently lead to a total redefinition of such.
3.  He is always up for a little chat.  Morning, noon, night, 24/7, AND on Sundays... even in his sleep.
4.  He says "hangburger" and "intersteak" instead of "hamburger" and "interstate".  We don't know why these words have never evolved into their proper incarnations ... and we don't care.  I hope they NEVER change.
5.  His snuggling is powerful.  I mean, deep tissue bruises when he's done.  You KNOW you've been snuggled by the Sass Master.
6.  He sasses constantly.  "No Mom!  Actually.... I don't want dat.  I SAID I wan dis!"  "Mom you are siiiiilly."  "Don say Dat!"  My bad, yo.  ;)
7.  When he was a baby he would eat anything.  Ground up meatloaf and brussel sprouts were his first big boy meal... and he was 5 months old.  He loved solid food.
8.  Well, he will eat anything... except whipped cream or icing.  When he was just over a year old we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch one day.  Thy had the most wonderful Sopapillas...  Long story short, I gave him some whipped cream to try which he promptly vomited into my hands.  He was standing in the booth and retching loudly so that everyone eating could get a good look.  It was a texture thing.  We didn't go back.
9.  He has NO FEAR.  He will climb and jump off of anything.  Last summer, he was launching himself off the adult diving board at the pool with absolutely no regard for life or limb in nothing but Wal-mart water wings... and we had to argue with him to even keep those on.  He was barely 3.
10.  He tells his teachers and friends at school things like "I shoot dem and den da blood commed out."  Out of context we must sound like ax murderers, but it was hunting season and we had been up at the cabin processing this year's kills.  He was just giving them a blow-by-blow...
11.  He is a tiny little furnace that pours sweat as he sleeps.  As a newborn, he would sweat through his little rabbit shirts and leave wiggly little stains on the crib sheet.  Freaked Hubbs and I out.  I still have to change his sheets more often than normal because all that boy sweat can get a little pungent.  It's like a stinky Slip-n-Slide in there...
12.  Spiderman EVERYTHING!  You gotta appreciate a kid with a full blown addiction.
13.  He looks just like me... and I am going to make one good looking man.  :)
14.  He tries to argue logic when he doesn't have any.
15.  He adores his little sister.  They roll around pinning and sitting on each other while screeching with delight.
16.  His favorite food is broccoli.  I have no idea how this happened.
17.  He loves everybody.  He will have conversations with complete strangers and then fist bump them on the way out.  Hugs all round, folks!
18.  He has learned to poot-attack.  In fact, most of his funny repertoire involves gas right now.  I would blame Hubbs for this, but I know better.....
19.  He has set the crazy bar pretty high for Sprinkles (or any others that may come after).  Hubbs and I find ourselves using the phrases "Well, why did you do that?" and "Why did that seem like a good idea?" quite a bit.  He is VERY creative.
20.  Hugging that twitching ball of energy is like hugging happiness itself... it feels gooooood.

He was the excitement and non-stop action we never knew we didn't have.  Life with Sass will never be dull... or quiet!  ;)  My baby boy, my first born, and my party non-planner!

Don't try to fight it... He'll shoot you with his Lasers of Cute!


  1. This is adorable and now I want one. Look what you've done, you'll have to explain to my husband why I now have baby fever! Jk ;) But seriously that is one cute kid