Monday, February 18, 2013

Day Off...

Sweethairyjeezusyes!  A day off when the schools are open!  Not that I don't love spending quality time with the wigglers, but lets face it... there are weekends when, by Sunday, "quality time" has de-evolved into "desperate survival" and Monday can't come soon enough... *ahem*

Either way, a bit of time where Hubbs and I can lay on the couch watching TV that doesn't involve upbeat songs about friendship, sharing, or the number 8 is most welcome... So, until tomorrow my bloggy buddies... Now, to get some lunch from an establishment completely ignorant of compressed, reformed and deep fried chicken bits and the french fry.... 

*happy sigh*


  1. I worked with a lady who made a point of every so often taking a day off with her husband when the kids were at school. Sounds like an awesome way to keep the connection alive.

  2. Have a wonderful day with your Hubbs!