Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Sprinkles Spectacular in 20...

I've waxed eloquent on the most estimable virtues of Hubbs, I've explored the non-complexities of my beloved Sass, and now it is Sprinkles' turn.

1.  She has the most perfect summer-sky-blue eyes.  They are even more startling when they are red rimmed from tantruming.
2.  She refuses to eat anything green and instead goes for the tubers and encased meats.  Girl after my own heart...
3.  She snuggles.  Oh Gawd, how she snuggles.  Sass always had a more "drive-by-wiggle" approach to parental contact, but Sprinks will snuggle in and SIT STILL.  Novel concept.
4.  She was one fat baby.  Ankle rolls, double wrist rolls, chest rolls, TRIPLE KNEE ROLLS!  She was the Michelin Man's chubby little cousin.  Delicious.
5.  She will probably be able to play basketball.  80th % in height all the way through.  I have no idea how this happened.  Hubbs is 5'7 (so he says on a good day) and I am an even 5'.  She is 16 months and wearing 2Ts.
6.  She has the most annoying shriek on the planet and she has started to experiment with "The Warble".  It takes a smart toddler to figure out the exact pitch and frequency to make ones neck hair stand on end like she can.  What can I say... the girl likes her attention prompt.
7.  *deep breath* Okay... I'm just going to say it.  As a baby, my daughter was terrified of anyone with skin darker than a saltine.  Hell... she was even afraid of our BBD (big, black dog) and we have no idea why.  It was particularly bad for us when we went grocery shopping.  You see, there was this wonderful "Cookie Lady" who worked in the bakery (she was the Jamaican Aunty I always wanted and I think she was Sass's first true love) and any time that sweet woman came near Sprinks, she would scream like she'd seen a giant, demonic green bean.  And it wasn't just the Cookie Lady... anyone who tried to touch her who wasn't blind-cave-fish-transparent got screamed at.  (The thing is, she had daycare providers of all nationalities, races, creeds, ect.  She interacted with these beloved folks daily and she still freaked the eff out allthedamntime in public.) I am happy to report that she is now over most of it.... most.  *facepalm*  It was always so great to be the family of blonde-haired, blue-eyed Whitey McWhitersons wandering around in public places with a baby that screamed at black people....
8.  She was a quiet, sweet infant... except for the colic and me never being able to put her down... for like, 6 months.
9.She beat some pretty ugly odds.  My baby girl formed perfectly in the womb, you see, but unfortunately  on the way out, she got stuck during a very dangerous part of delivery to get stuck in.  It was the very last part where the umbilical cord is compressed.... so.... they had to reach in and bend her clavicle around my pelvis which severely damaged the nerves in her right shoulder.  It's called shoulder dystocia and it is a long post for another time...  Anyway, her arm didn't work at all.  It just laid there with her little hand wiggling on the end.  It was the most disconcerting stillness.... This was not something she was ever supposed to fully recover from.  It was all talk of what "percentage of movement" she would get back...  But now it's her favorite arm to whack her brother with, and a good arm and hand to eat with, and a great arm to lift high above her head and twirl around like a ballerina with.  So take THAT odds!  Sprinks OWNED you!
10.  She would rather sign or make animal noises than talk.  She won't say "cat" but she will sure as hell "meow" when she sees one.  She likes to let us know who the boss really IS, and be damned if she's our little performing monkey....
11.  Pink and sparkles and that girl is happy.  She KNOWS she looks good...
12.  If it ain't chocolate, it ain't gonna happen.  Good girl.
13.  Brother is the funniest person in the world and she loves him fiercely.  Let me emphasize the "fiercely" part.
14.  She says "awwwww" when she hugs you.  Like we are all her teddy bears.  :)  Well, I am rather squishy....
15. It's dance parties everyday, all day.  If there is music playing or someone is singing then she is wiggling, twirling, bouncing, and twisting.
16.  She loves to get dirty.  Handfuls of garden soil, earthworms, and puddles... she is a pretty-in-pink kinda tom-boy.
17.  She learned to go up and down our 12-step staircase (our house would need that kind of program) at 15 months.  There was NO WAY brother was leaving her behind.
18.  If you are laying on the floor, you are fair game.  Deal with it.
19.  That temper!  Whoa!  When she gets all wound up, I am always surprised when fire doesn't start shooting from her mouth and eyes.  She's going to be fun when she hits puberty.
20.  She loves completely and she loves with an intensity and fervor that is beyond her years.  She lets us know everyday that we are hers.... without speaking, of course.  Speaking would just make it too convenient for Mommy.  ;)

That's right... just tell ME "no"....  In your FACE, Mom!

So there they are... my 3 life loves.  The people that I have met (or created, with help of course) who have changed my life for the better forever.  I am lucky to have them....

And don't worry, folks.  I'll go back to my less-than-mushy-self di-rectly...

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  1. The baby I look after could probably give her a run for her money on that "annoying shriek" he hits notes only dogs should hear